Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 37 Conference & Happiness


Dear Family,

Today is the Council of the Ward Mission Leaders, so I don't know how
long I will be using the computer. We learned a lot about light,
obedience, looking forward, doing our duty, chastity and many other
things. The mission is a big one and I am proud that we can have over
65,000 missionaries in service right now. What a special time and it
truly is the time of the fulfilling of all things.

Right now, now that the prophets have shared their words with us, we
need to put into practice what we have learned and start doing so
quickly and promptly, as the attacks of the adversary to distract us
from the wonderful feelings we had during the conference commenced the
moment the conference ended.  And though that is a run-on sentence,
the point is that we have to edify ourselves now! Wake up from the
more or less feelings.
Truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as
they are to come. And whatever is more or less than this is of the
spirit of the evil one who was a liar from the beginning.  D&C
93:24-25 (I think)
How much I want to walk in the perfect light of Christ and become like
him! But we learn that it is one constant step at a time to walk
towards our Heavenly Father, in whom there is no darkness at all! I
loved Elder Nelson's talk and Elder Bednar's as well as all the talks
from the first presidency. And of course, Elder Holland, how could I
How much tenderness and goodness stem from these men. I would like to
comment on Elder Holland's talk as to regards to what we know and what
we should build upon .

While I certainly am not perfect in my knowledge (or the veil would
have been taken from my eyes) I do know some things:

I know that God exists;  He is our loving heavenly Father.
I know that Christ is the Son of God, and our Savior and Redeemer.
I know that Christ established One Church, which Church is the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that Joseph Smith was a
chosen vessel of the Lord and His prophet in restoring the Church.
I know that we will live again and that death has been conquered and
we need not fear.
I know that we are an eternal family that has been sealed for all time
and eternity.

There are many more things that I believe, but I wanted to share this
testimony with you.

Many great things will happen in these next 6 months. The matter that
excites me a lot right now is that I will have the time right now to
study the words of the prophets and apply them to my life. I hope that
everyone will have the audacity or good fortitude to be able to share
the general conference with somebody that is not a member of the
church but needs the restored gospel, as all people do. I am very
happy right now and am happy to report that we will have four baptisms
this Saturday, right after the Ward gets back from their Temple trip
to Curitiba (about 2 hours from Joinville). The ward is very
supportive (or at least compared to what we have had so far). We have
been teaching Jean and There (19 and 63, son and mother) as well as a
simple couple which is trying hard to do well. With support and with a
firm testimony, all of these people will do well and thrive in the
restored gospel.

Please get up saying “Oh what a beautiful morning!” I am so happy
for all of you and happy to be on a mission, even though I am not
perfect. I do not know if I have given all but I certainly am trying
to. Think of the glorious stories which Todd D. Christofferson left with
us, the great understanding Elder Holland expounded to us and so much

I want to send you a resume of my thoughts of the conference and will
try to do so next week!


Elder Luschin

p.s. while on the three-hour bus ride to here, I think I prayed for an
hour. It was a special experience between me and the Lord, and I feel
like that He hears me, even though I may have not learned how to hear
a still, small voice yet.


Elder Frederick Luschin

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