Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 36 April Fools!

April Fools.

And that is the extent of my prankster nature. I do not like pranks
and do not like hurting people.

Off to the letter proper.

Elder Frederick Luschin

A chocolate chip cookie recipe might be appreciated. They
bake a lot more than the Americans in Utah and California (that is to
say bakery-wise, as bakeries don´t really exist in those states) but
they don´t really make any good cookies or cakes. I am going to buy
flour and yeast today, I think. I found out that health-food stores
sell some things like oats in flakes really cheaply (ie 3.90 reais per
kg, or about $1.95 per kg) as well as cheap dried plums ($4.00 per


Dear Family, In typing the date I started with 2103, though I am very
glad that we have not got that far yet, as my mission would have been
a very long one indeed.
Speaking of missions, I hope that everyone was able to think of the
most special mission that was ever fulfilled in this universe: the
great and infinite Atonement. Infinite because it applies to everyone,
everywhere, and because it reaches across time, and because we truly
can repent of our sins.
Of it, the Master says:
For behold, I God, suffered these things for all, that they might not
suffer if they would repent. But if they would not repent, they must
suffer even as I. Which suffering caused myself, even God, the
greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, to bleed at every pore
and to suffer both body and spirit, and would that I might not drink
the cup, and shrink -- Nevertheless, glory be to the Father, for I
partook and finished my preparations unto the children of men. D&C
What scriptural power. We learn that Christ, as written in Luke,
really did sweat blood and that his suffering was terrible and

I am so grateful to my Lord and Master that I am able to repent, that
I have a new month to do better in than the last, and that I can look
forward to blessing the lives of others in a greater and more inspired
This Sunday, I started using better scripture cards to keep track of
where and what I am memorizing.
Additionally, I saw a dishwasher and mosquito nets for the first time
in a household on my mission.

We had two baptisms yesterday of two little boys, of one 9 and one of
8. I think they were prepared and I hope that they can continue strong
in the church. The ward is really great here and they gave us a great
bunch of chocolate and things like that.
We have two baptisms scheduled for this Saturday, a couple of two
sweet and simple people who said yes when of the AP´s and I were
teaching them from Mosiah 18. Furthermore, we will have two more the
next week.

Time is flying but I am hoping to bring out my concerns to the Lord to
find an answer this weekend.

Thought for the day: Sanctification comes through trials and tribulation.


Elder Frederick Luschin

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