Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 35 Fred is on Fire!

2013_03_25 Family Letter
This last week we didn't really have anything too special happen, though I guess getting 5 investigators from 3 different families go to church is pretty incredible. I am grateful for the wonderful ward here and a ward mission leader that not only talks, but is willing to act as well. Great things! We have Carlos and his wife and daughter (four) coming to church and Jean (well-studied fellow of 19) and his mother coming. His mother confided in me at the ward activity on Sunday that he has said that he doesn't see himself in the Quadrangular Church anymore. To me it shows the power of the Book of Mormon as a witness and a testimony to the fact that God lives and that he continues to reveal himself to the world through his prophets, ancient and modern. A lot of missionaries say that the most important event in the Book is Christ's appearance to the Nephites. While that may be true, I find myself drawn to the Lord's explanation in 2. Nephi 29, where the Lord says why he has the Book of Mormon  come forth. Fascinating and real proof that there is only one true church on the face of the earth, the name of which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

And that is my testimony of one simple and important truth. It saddens me that so many people are blind to the fact and do not want to hear the truth. A lot of spiritualists, as they are called, accept anything but refuse to have one church be true. A lot of people, mainly evangelicals, also claim that it isn't the plaque of the church that saves. Very true, as it is Jesus Christ that saves through his atoning power enabled in our lives through saving and redeeming ordinances. And only one church has the authority to do so, thank you very much.

As I think to myself, it really has to be a calling; just as the apostles were called and Joseph Smith was. You can't just have read the bible, feel good about yourself and then open a church. That is way off the mark. But there are a lot of false churches around here. We need to have courage in bearing our testimonies as the Holy Ghost will support our heart-felt witness. We encounter different people, it rains a lot here, people have a hard time accepting the need for one true church.

I am hoping to learn how to make it clear to the people that the restoration is indeed important for them. Scripture for the email and one that I want to make especially applicable to me and to anyone else in the family that may need this incredible profound statement of Paul. Philippians 3:13-14

This one thing I do, forgetting about those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. I press forward for the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. What a precious little thought that he shares.

Some of us in the family (cough) have some problems worrying about. TIME.

Let's look at Paul. A very depraved sinner, if we can apply that to persecutors of Christians, he had applied or let the Atonement apply so fully to his life that he was able to move forward in hope of his exaltation in the presence of God. While we may not be in the state that Paul was in before his conversion, we certainly can learn some things that are applicable to our lives.

In other words, in a message from Elder Holland, the best is yet before! Rejoice, everybody, we can take hope in the fact that whatever was sad in our lives is now passed and won't change a thing, and whatever is good about our lives will be repeated in better and better forms. Our hope is Celestial, in fact, in a glory so incomprehensible to our mortal understanding.

This is something that I was thinking about incredibly on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Can I say that I have given all in the service of the Lord? Can I sincerely say that I have given my all and my body and my strength in his service? I have been apologizing to God and asking His forgiveness.

One thing that I have realized, though, is that my service may have been in accord to what I knew at that time, and perhaps not as to what I know now. Basically, I hope that I can work out for myself what hard work means as it seems like that it may mean something different to my companion every single time. It is still a big concern of mine, as I am not talking to every single person I see; I do not teach the best I could every single time; I do not love every single person which such love that they wish to have the Atonement become a part of their lives by making covenants with God by taking upon them the name of the Holy One of Israel in hope of redemption and thus obtaining a remission of their sins.

However, I hope that I can use whatever I've gained in these 8 months of mission to use the rest that I have well, in fact, perfectly. I am trying to look forward with my own hope, trying to establish habits and thought patterns and traits that I will employ for the rest of my existence as an intelligence.

I do sincerely hope that all of you are happy and will enjoy Easter by thinking of the Savior.

Oh, Easter eggs are huge (both in size and popularity) here and they have thousands in the store. Also an Easter Colombo (dove for all of you) which is just a panettone in a different shape.

Love, -- Elder Frederick Luschin

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