Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 32

Hi Fred,

please let us know if you get a CD player in your apartment at any time--we can send you some CDs to listen to.

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 7:53 PM, Frederick Luschin von Ebengreuth
Our Mission President has authorized Classical Music, which is a
change. Seeing that I am at almost 7 months in the mission and really
have not spent any time whatsoever listening to music, that is kind of
nice. It does mean that I could listen to one of the two cd´s which
the Hanau ward sent me, though lacking a music player in the
apartment, that really doesn´t matter. In reality, I am doing really
well and will write more right now.
My mission president has also said that I will be getting a new
companion this next transfer as well as a new area, which I think is
kind of a pity.


2013_03_05 Family Letter,

Dear Family,

Little did I know it, that even though I suspected that I would be
transferred, that I did not know that it would be both 1) far and 2)
with the calling of Zone Leader. Last email, Presidente already told
me that I would be transferred and be getting a new companion, but I
did not expect that it would come with such a change. I had actually
commented half-jokingly to Elder Romero that I was wondering if I was
doing something wrong that I was not District Leader yet. I guess
having been District Leader in the CTM, I could jump that step.
Needless to say, I left at 13:30 yesterday from Concordia and
traveled by bus to my current area which is Ituam in the city of
Joinville. Joinville is one that is quite heavily German-influenced
about 50 km from the coast of Santa Catarina. That means I started at
the coast, went really far inland and now have returned to probably
stay for some time. My new companion is Elder Longo from Bahia (the
coastal part). He is going home in just a month, so he'll be training
me how to be ZL and then leave me to continue I suppose. It seems like
I will be ZL for quite some time as that is how it works here  in this
mission. Exciting, especially as I thought that I would be training
somebody new, which I guess won't happen for some time now.

While I am not completely sure on what to think of it all, I am glad
to have a new area to explore, new people to meet, a big apartment to
clean up (don't ask me why missionary apartments always have to be
rather filthy- I would think Representatives of Jesus could be a lot
cleaner) and a lot of traveling to look forward to. Also, Joinville is
the city of rain and I have already passed through a couple hours of
it today.
James E. Faust served in this very city. This is also the first time
that I get to be in a Ward with about 150 people which is also
exciting. We'll see how it turns out to be but it does mean that I
won't be playing the piano any time soon.

But so far, so good. I leave Concordia quite happy, though I really
had come to like the hills and the different challenges that I faced,
and I believe that I faced them valiantly, more or less. Elder Romero
is a great guy and the time with him passed really quickly.
Fortunately I will be able to see him in just a few days when Elder
Mazzargardi comes to visit the mission. I will also be staying at the
bus station quite a bit and will be traveling to Florianopolis, two
hours to the south of here, on Thursday for ZLC.

We just found out that the ELder that was to come today already
arrived at the bus station. I will have to go.

I would just like to tell you all that I have a very good experience
with fasting this Sunday. I struggled with going without water, as I
frequently do, but managed to focus on the spiritual side of things.
When I knelt to close my fast after Church, I tried to literally pour
out my heart to the Lord and commit myself to His service. How I
prayed that I might have the faith of the Three Nephites, and in
reality, the sincerity to do everything that I do with all my heart,
willing to show unto others that I am trying to be like Jesus, and
testifying to the Lord in all things and in all places that I would
follow him and keep his commandments. While thus praying, I did feel a
burning in the bosom, perhaps as a confirmation.

I also had a very good talk with Elder Romero as I tried to help him
always stay encouraged and with the right things in front of him.

I am off, then, but I will write more about this in my journal and
then try to send a picture.

I really love you all,

Elder Luschin

Elder Frederick Luschin

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