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Departure Frankfurt Airport 2012 July 25

As the editor of Fred's Blog I am just learning. I want to go back in time and post a couple of photos.  The dramatic departure from the Frankfurt Airport on the 25 of July 2012. To see our last child leave for his Mission to Florianopolis Brazil via a preparation stay in the CTM in Sao Paulo was happy and sad and extremely emotional for Dad Hanno and Son Fred.
 A fun visit in Rome. Summer  2012
 Exploring the Eternal City, shetching, singing the guitar, exploring with brother Phil, reading the history of Brazil. Just getting ready while savoring the joys of the moment and the absolute heat of Rome in summer.
July 19, 2012  A quick visit to say goodbye to Grossmutti Helmi Luschin. Who never likes to say goodbye but Aufwiedersehen (Til we see each other again) in the family home in Graz, Austria.  A place filled with memories of visits and photos of Grossvati Immo.

The garden is a paradise full of overgrowing plants, trees, bushes and flowers, and visiting deer.
Every goodbye with Grossmutti Helmi she is
certain we will NOT meet again in this life but so far we do! At 87 one never knows. The house, the big garden,
the animals, ducks who keep the snail population down and chickens giving fresh eggs.... memories and more memories !!!

On arrival to our home in Nidderau, Germany Fred received his mail which included the hard earned, last minute effort to get his Utah Driver's license. He did in on the last day Phil and Fred had in Provo.  We consider this a "tender mercy miracle!"  He probably won't drive at all for the next two years but he can say, "I have a driver's license! I worked hard to get it and passed on the very very very last day I was in Provo!"

Fred never ceases to amaze us with his accomplishments.

                          The whole family at the temple except for Dorothea and Warren in LA.
Brothers Frederick, Philipp, Christoph, Arnold and proud relieved Father Hanno! (it had been a long drive from Rome, but life is a journey )  We made it to the House of the Lord and could enter and receive blessings and promises of being an Eternal Family.

Goodbyes to neighbors, Thomas, Katharina and Lisa Strauch. (Leoni was hiding so she missed being in the photo)  Our (neighbors)  Elfriede and Martin Seiwerth, who keep a watch on our house, help me keep the trees and roses cut and are good for all around helpfullness. Actually all our neighbors are keeping watch over our home while we are in Rome. Maja Fiedler lived there for a year house-sitting and now Paul Baumann has taken the post.
 The Sunday goodbye dinner below which included Arnold Amanda and their 3 children Sam, Marieand and Elizabeth, Christoph's family with Emily and Franziska and 3 Baumann buddies. Paul is sitting next to Philipp in the photo below.  He is now in the favorite front bedroom that has housed whoever was the oldest child at the time.  Baumann sisters "Henni and Lotte" sit next to Frederick. 

Sam, Marie,  (Arnold's children, missed Elizabeth who was in another bush! and Franziska, (Christoph's daughter ) After Church in Hanau.
The Photographer and Newspaper writer  (Georgia Lori  from the Frankfurter Neue Presse) wrote an article about Fred going on a mission to Brazil. She did a great job interviewing Fred and spent 2 hours with him. I was impressed! Article can be found at the beginning of the Blog!
A goodbye dinner with parents and two brothers, Phil and Christoph in Frankfurt after Fred got set apart as a Missionary by   President Leimer. A yummy outside dinner at the Maredo Restaurant. Getting ready for South American Steaks from Argentina very close to his mission.

A last quick bite at Mac Donalds at the Frankfurt Airport. FRA.

Suitcases ready and Fred still smiling. At the airport pointing out his flight 957-JJ-TAM Lihnas Aereas Airlines. Leaving at 22.05, a non stop flight to Sao Paulo, Guarulhos International Airport, (12:05 hour flight)
Brave up until the last minute and then the emotions were overwhelming for Father and Son and the great unknown experiences awaiting this brave Missionary to a foreign language land and culture.
Even though tears were shed they were happy tears of gratitude and knowing we will all miss him but the time will fly by and Fred will return a man with a greater understanding of people, the Plan of Salvation a deeper Testimony of the Savior, and increased love of  being part of the Luschin Family on Earth and a son of our Father in Heaven and a brother to all.

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