Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 27 Fred OK! Ben attacked by thugs

Some days I have a lot to write and others I have no real idea of what to put in my email. Moods swing up and down and I don't know. My singing seems worse and worse. Don't know if cold showers since the beginning of the mission have worsened my singing. Staying in this area for at least 6 weeks. Finally bought some plums today, and I bought another kg of granola and a kg of honey, so I'll survive somehow.
 ( Julie: Missionaries create interesting diets)

Any ideas for future p-days? 
(Please send ideas to Julie at luschin@aol.com and I will send them on to Fred.)
I know that I´ll be staying in this area for at least this next transfer (seeing that it just started, that would be 5 or 6 weeks.)
Another thing is that President told me in our interview that his plan for me is to train or to be senior the next transfer; i.e. in 6 weeks. Any ideas for training or being senior? Things I should avoid?
Love, Elder Frederick Luschin

Let the Uhligs know that I´m sorry that happened but that I´m thinking of Benjamin.
(I will attempt to translate the following email about Fred's friend who has been featured in Fred's blog in past entries.)
From: Angelika Uhlig <angelika@uhlig-family.de>
To: Julie Luschin <luschin@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 4:35 pm Subject: Elder Uhlig

Liebe Julie, leider habe ich schlechte Nachrichten. Benjamin und sein Mitarbeiter wurden in Athen von 3 jungen Männern verprügelt. Er hat ein paar Faustschläge ins Gesicht bekommen und wurde  getreten. Es ist nur glimpflich ausgegangen, weil andere Passanten eingegriffen haben.  Gut, dass er  Hilfe auf griechisch rufen kann!  Er hat ein paar blaue Flecken abbekommen und einen ziemlichen Schock, aber sonst geht es ihm den Umständen entsprechend gut.  Er durfte zu Hause anrufen, leider waren Andre und ich nicht zu Hause - so hat er mit Julian und Anne geskypt und das hat ihm geholfen, die Situation besser zu verarbeiten. Das ist genau das, wovor ich immer am meisten Angst hatte. Zuerst habe ich gedacht, warum hat der Herr nicht auf ihn aufgepasst, aber es hätte ja viel schlimmer ausgehen können.... Ich bin wirklich sehr erschrocken.
Benjamin wird am Montag nach Zypern versetzt und in Nikosia dienen. Seid so lieb und schließt ihn ein bisschen in eure Gebete ein.  Liebe Grüße   Angelika
(Dear Julie, Unfortunately I have some bad news. Benjamin and his companion were beat up by 3 young men in Athens. He received some punches in his face and was kicked. It would have been worse if some people hadn't helped. It is good that he can yell for help in Greek! He has some black and blue bruises and is in a state of shock but considering the circumstances it was realitively good.  He was allowed to call home but unfortunately her husband Andre and Angelika were not home- so he skyped with his brother Julian and sister Anne who were able to help him deal with the situation.  This is exactly what I have feared the most. At first I thought, why  hadn't the Lord watched out for him but it could have been much worse.  I am very shocked. 
Bejamin will be transferred to Cypress on Monday and serve in Nilosia. Please be so kind to include him in your prayers.  Greetings, Angelika)
Dear Family, Another good week has come and gone and so has the transfer. As I said, I will be staying in Corcórdia for a while yet and Elder Romero is still my companion. I guess I could tell you more about him. Elder Romero is from São Paulo. Is going home in little less than 6 months. Is a good missionary, quite obedient.  He is a good companion to me but doesn´t have a whole lot of suggestions regarding my improvement, which I guess is fine because we improve together. I really have gained an appreciation of practices, and I think that with a whole lot of practice, we will be able to handle a lot of situations. We haven´t done contacting on the street or door-to-door for quite some time now because of the open house, which anterior-open-house, effected us to invite people to it and post-o-h we are trying to follow up on the couple of people that expressed interest in receiving more information, which isn´t a whole lot of people, in reality. We talked to some nice people last week that let us in because of the open house, including a retired couple that has a view right overlooking the chapel, which is nice. The companionship dynamic is altered by the fact that there are four of us, which means I´m generally less-active in the conversation and other things, as I let Elders Morais and Fullmer talk with Elder Romero. Maybe I´m excluded, but I feel like that I´m just trying to focus on my scriptures and my planning and all that. I´m a little frustrated that I´m doing well on my goals but not making the progress I want to be making, as with my scripture cards, for example. I´m probably at 180 right now, but need to reach 500 on July 26th, which is going to be tricky. Same thing with exercise, as I need to become more focused. Same thing is wondering with the work, as I haven´t taught anyone who has progressed. That raises the question with me of progressing and not regressing while at the same time enduring to the end. I´m generally happy, but I´m starting to be worried about the time. I have been out for 6 months, and what have I learned? I do not think I study better, nor am a much more of a spiritual person, I may actually be more physically-obsessed, though I´m trying so hard. Seeing good missionary examples or reading about them in the scriptures doesn´t lead me on to higher heights, but just seems to point out how flawed I am. As opposed to a lot of missionaries, I already came to the mission field knowing how to clean my clothes, prepare food and clean up after myself, so that hardly seems like the issue. (Julie: glad he feels he knows these things!)
One special experience I didn´t relate is that we have a fellow here who is 18 who wants to get baptized. He´s been taught since July of last year, so a lot of preparation has gone into him. Last Sat. during interviews, our President challenged Elder Romero to invite this fellow Josinei to be baptized. He accepted, but his father wouldn´t let him get baptized the same day. Since then, we found out last Saturday while we were in Irani (the other city) for the last time that he has figured out that he could get baptized on the 2nd of February. Exciting! It will be my first baptism in the mission, and we still need to see who will actually be baptizing him. The family that we were staying with in Irani, the sister works for a pizzeria and so she paid for a pizza for us on Saturday. It was half five cheese and half pizza California, which is a dessert pizza with a load of fruit on top. Quite good. Additionally, they would serve pressed juice every few hours.
I don´t feel very focused and that I have already wasted a lot of time on the mission. Ie. the Lord´s time. Still, I´m grateful that I could feel the spirit testifying when I conducted I am a child of God for the closing hymn of our 17 people Sacrament meeting in Irani.
Elder Frederick Luschin

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