Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week 25

Dear Family,

We are about half-way through the first month of the year. How exciting for all of us.
This week I have the opening of the new chapel here in Concordia.
 It is quite the nice building but in my opinion and certainly Dad´s, it could use about 3-4 weeks or more before it should open. It is a 5 story building which has parking integrated on one of the floors and has 3 usable floors for the Sacrament, class rooms and the cultural hall which is at the very top. There is still a whole lot of unfinished concrete on the exterior (ie. the front stairs) which has
neither been finished nor polished, and is already covered in rust and paint and marks and so on. However, seeing that some of the members were responsible for finishing up construction, we just have to be quite grateful. However, I am quite excited that I´ll be able to play basketball (it has a great outdoor court with stairs and a ramp that allows for stair-running) as well as a great Kawai digital piano. This will be a possibility because the Chapel is all of 5 seconds away from where the missionaries live. Oh the joy!

We don´t have any progressing investigators currently, which is rather unfortunate but also due to the fact that we are splitting our forces and having divisions nearly every weekend. This is because we have another city in our area called IranĂ­ which is 45-60 minutes away by bus that my dupla (the word for companionship) is assigned to help out in every Friday to Sunday.
However, with the next transfer coming in two weeks, Presidente Fernandes has promised to change all that by putting in a different dupla permanently, which is good because I would quite like to get
going on the hilly landscape of Concordia.

I have a deeply dissatisfying feeling that I have not been working very hard. A lot of little things haven´t gone to my favor in terms of being able to work a lot. Ie. on Saturday, we
finally received the 5000 invitations that we need to hand out before the conference. The 6:30 bus ride was absolutely gorgeous. It looked like Caspar David Friedrich´s picture of the wanderer overlooking the valley. Very romanticism-like. We had a very good Zone Conference in which I got my Christmas mail (good stuff) as well as the encouragement to use the Book of Mormon a lot more. I am planning on starting to use it in the first lesson on the restoration even. Needless to say, I am very grateful for my testimony of the book. I am improving on getting my dates organized but in some ways feel like a Pharisee: very obsessed in minutiae but lacking a spirit of spirituality. Strange but true. I hope that prayer and dedicated scripture study can change that.

Quick assumption: I believe Brazilians rarely introduce others even in a new-person situation; would be interesting to research.


Elder Luschin

Time is up though I have more to write.

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