Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 24 New Year's Goals

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 08:32 AM PST

Dear Family,
I am doing very well and very much looking forward to this unique year which I will be able to dedicate to my service to the Lord. My little journal system which I got from Mom has a page full of goals which I wrote during my fast on Sunday.  I spent the last minutes of 2012 and the first minutes of 2013 writinga resumé of the year. Basically, I must have learned a lot of optimism, because I looked at the year as a good one, and with this one being one of my mission, I only have even more to look forward to.  A brief resumé of the resumé for you would be the following:I had two wonderful semesters at the `Y` and gained even greater love for academia.
I spent time with Phil which I will never forget, making me realize how blessed I am to have such a delight some family!
I loved the time with Doro and family before coming back to Europe and being able to see everybody over there. It was a pleasure to meet Franziska for the first time and then spend time with C&E&F in Rome. (Christoph, Emily, Franziska 2) Rome was great. (With Phil as a companion the two explored Rome and lots of museums and sketched and even tried singing on the street with a guitar but they weren't given a cent. Hard to be a street musician. Easy to starve!)
Off I went and learned a lot about Missionary Work being in the MTC for much too long, or maybe not. Came to be quite good at Portuguese and went off to a second area, leaving the flat coast of Biguaçu which was quite ethnically diverse (Lots of Bahians) to come to Concórdia, where everybody is either Italian or German, with some other Europeans mixed in.  I have learned a lot of patience with myself and a lot greater capacity to ´Just do it,´ as the Nike slogan goes. I used to dislike the saying,  but I now realize how to apply it from everything to exercise to contacting.  I learned a lot about being a man and continue with the goal of being a gentleman, Christian and a scholar. I walk a lot taller now that my posture is very good and I have become considerably skinnier. On an aside, I have started taking pictures of your emails~faster than printing them.  I will write a lot more next week, but one thing is that a `German´woman cut my hair Friday, and we had a lovely talk. Let me know about your New YEAR´S goals, because I have a page full toshare with you all!. Love, Elder Luschin

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