Monday, January 21, 2013

2013_01_21 Week 26 Open House

Dear Family,

It´s my birthday in exactly eight months. I only realized this morning
that I´d be turning 21 on the 21st, and that on my mission. What
excitement for all!
Needless to say, I hope that everybody is doing just fantastically.
This last week was a good one, and rather uneventful at that.
I was hoping to use today to make all the necessary backups from the
month of December for my pictures and then send you a good little
summary of what has been happening.
You may have already realized that it has been over a month since I
last sent pictures, which is because the computers from the local
"lan-houses" have not granted me access to copy from camera to
computer, though I will figure that one out, I believe.

We finished the week in a beautiful, brand-new chapel here in
Concórdia with a presence of perhaps 75 members in the sacrament
meeting, which is the most I´ve seen in a ward during my mission, but
that was also because some members were visiting from another ward
because of the open house and then dedication.
The week can be summarized in few words:

Tuesday to Friday: Open house all day every day, though with the
addition of two other Elders who traveled 7 hours by bus in order to
come here.
 Saturday: Last day of the open house from 10-17 o´ clock and
interviews with Presidente Fernandes in the morning, as well as piano
practice in the evening with the choir (half of the members thereof
being from the local district, since this is the district Chapecó and
not even a stake yet). Dedication Saturday evening ay 20:00 with
Presidente Fernandes offering up the dedicatory prayer. It was a very
special moment and Presidente Fernandes is a lot of fun. It´s rather hard
to describe his powerful personality in writing.

I really enjoyed the interview with the president. I was able to
present my pass-off chart to him to show that I had completed knowing
all the basic information pertaining to being a missionary: all the
lessons, how to interview etc. I believe that Presidente trusts me and
knows that I am trying to work hard and keep good records of
everything from finances to the way I exercise.
I have been memorizing more scriptures again which has made me very
happy. this week the transfer also comes to an end.
This last week President said that he would put another companionship
in the other city, enabling us to finally concentrate on the work here
rather than splitting up our forces.

I´ll write more next week. Trying to figure out the technicalities of
technology rather took up time.

My love, prayers and optimism goes out to all of you. Work on
memorizing hymns and scriptures. Singing the national anthem got me up
the steepest hill in the city in record time.

I got a letter from Lothar Peters and brd. Lopper.

Anyhow, I´ll be off to get some apples, though always with you in spirit.


Elder Luschin

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