Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 21


As follows, some information about my current whereabouts.
I am going to be transferred today from Biguaçu to a city called Concordia, which is located far in the West of the Mission, about 270 kilometers from here, if I gauged correctly from the tiny little map that I was given at the beginning of the mission. This will mean that I will no longer be serving with Elder Fraga, and will instead be serving with an Elder Romero from São Paulo, whom I have already had the chance to get to know briefly. I am excited to be heading out there, even though it is apparently even hotter out there as there is no ocean breeze to cool things down every once in a while. Elder Romero seems to be a likeable fellow and I am excited to be seeing a different part of the state, which is quite close to Argentina. Also, it is the area of a big meat factory and producer and so all the members serve there is meat. Also, there are hills, which is a departure from the flatland that I´ve been in so far. I unfortunately took some time to get packed. Quite fortunately, all my things fit into my IKEA backpack monstrosity, my one suitcase and Mom´s dilapidated travel bag, whose zipper broke right as I closed the bag. I hope that it will last the night. I missed the bus that was recommended for me to take at 12:30 and so will be taking a night bus at 20:30. With a 10 hour ride, I will be arriving in the wee hour of the morning at 5:30, which means that I won´t see the countryside as I thought I would, but I am able to write to you, which is a just recompense. On an aside, I managed to get out two Christmas letters that I wrote last week but I still hope to write some more letters to more of you. I don´t know if there is much of an expectation to receive cool trinkets or profound advice from me in the form of tear-dripped letters written in herzblut, but in reality, I haven´t been able to get my time together enough in order to do so nor do I have any younger siblings that need my strengthening from an older, encouraging brother. Are Grossmutti and Grandma able to hear anything from me? I know that they are the people that really need to hear from me more than anybody else. I wonder if it is a realization that the things that I´m doing right now are not particularly creative that prevents me from sending anything particularly interesting. I think I realized a long time ago that the emailing process is also a vent for the missionary to feel like he´s being listened to in the large and empty void that we call space. I do enjoy emailing very much though, however, so I will continue doing so. I´ve wondered if 2013 is going to be my challenging year, as I realize that there is never going to be a ´moment´ of feeling like you´ve arrived at a ´real´ point of being a missionary. In two weeks, I´ll be one year and a bit before returning. Ponder that for a moment and read on. On the topic of the blog. I have thought about starting to send you photos based on subject matter, for example, the different types of dogs encountered, Floripa Flora and Fauna, Architectural Mishaps and others.
Having found out on Saturday that I would be leaving, I said goodbye to the members. I grew to love some of them and will miss all of the them in different ways. I think that by the end, a majority finally knew my name. My time with the bizarre Biguaçu Branch has finally come to an end. Furthermore, my time with Elder Fraga, who is really a good missionary that tries hard, has also come to an end. You end up spending so much time with one person that their absence is strange. Though I believe that is also because this is only the first time that I am switching companions in the mission field, while nearly everybody else from my district that arrived at the same time switched companions several times or even areas. I am going to wrap up now and going to try to compose my thoughts (which are various) in my journal for the next few hours, as it is still 4 hours till my departure. I hope that I can talk to more than just mom and dad this next week, but they are the most important people for me to talk to in the meantime. Topics to think about: that we need a balance between taking everything too seriously and taking things not seriously enough. In reality, life is good and I have a testimony, despite not having had a baptism in my first area. All the best, Love, Elder Luschin

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