Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 20

Family Letter:   The wintry day, descending to its close...

That I would, that I could see some snow. Alas, that is not going to happen anytime soon. I got a sunstroke from contacting ever so vigorously on Thursday, and then spent Friday all day lying in bed with what would seem like a fever. The soreness in  my neck and shoulders as well as my sore throat remain. It was probably good that we didn´t go out on Friday, seeing that it was 42 degrees Celsius, as I found out on Saturday. What a pain. Nevertheless, with applying plenty of sunscreen and drinking a lot of water all day, I generally don´t mind, but I am constantly thirsty and I have had a sore throat
for some time now. I think it is a result of the insect repellant machine that we have plugged into the wall at night that causes me to wake up completely dried out. My singing has thus pretty much disappeared and when I try, it comes out poorly. Oh well, that might be my mission life.  Waking up like that does cause me to not want to exercise in the morning, which is a pretty serious concern for me as I am still trying to lose weight and gain time. How I still wish I might be more effective, though I realize that I may just have to go for it instead of hoping for some sophisticated thing to happen.
Tomorrow is the Mission X-Mas Conference and I might have a solo, if I feel up to it. My singing has suffered incredibly due to lack of practice.

We had a Branch X-Mas party Saturday. Twas fun.
Life is good though, and I´ll talk to you soon.

More next week,

Elder Luschin
Christmas time in sunny summertime in Brazil. Elder Fred gets a package from the USA!
Elder Fred getting a lot of sun which led to a bit of a sunstroke.  His companion is giving an incredible Hulk grin.

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