Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 17


Dear Family,

The month of November is descending to a close. It's certainly hard to believe that I was celebrating Thanksgiving in Arizona this time a year ago.Nevertheless, being here is no less of a cause to be giving thanks.

This last week has been a lot about realizing more about myself in regards to patience.A good part of the last week was not particularly effective. I was sick on Wednesday.Nevertheless, things improved and after feeling pretty down on Friday as well, we were finally able to get back to some work.  
One sentiment that I felt in the CTM was that if I were to work as hard as I could during the mission and focus on the Lord's work as much as I could, that the Lord would bless me to procure all the opportunities that I had either neglected or not used to full capacity before my mission.  Needless to say, despite that feeling, I also have the feeling that I haven't been working hard enough nor effectively enough.
How can I increase my effectively?  IDEAS for studying the scriptures or Preach my gospel?  
One thing that you might think funny to know is that the Branch here is really full of unusual characters, to put it affectionately. 
No progressing investigators, nobody came to church. I have learned a lot of patience by listening to my companion talk for hours at an end. Sorry I don't have any interesting news to report.
My feet are doing a lot better, and right now I don't have any blisters specifically, but my feet do get hot on some days. I still don't know what it was that caused all those problems in the first place. They´re doing a lot better. I've been trying to use the mole skin to make my shoes fit better. 

TIme is up, love
Elder Luschin

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