Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 16 Sore Feet!

2012_11_12 Family Letter

Dear Family,

I´m at the mission office and writing. Got a shot today in Florianopolis, which is why we´re using the email here.
Interesting to hear about Obama, but so far, nobody seems to really care in my little Branch of Biguacu.   The work is so slow or non-existent. It makes me sad.  Our Zone Conference is fun and large. Nevertheless, in my immaturity, I struggle to be very spiritual.
We had a lesson last week with a Catholic lady who let us in from the heat, which was searing. Things went well but her Evangelical son arrived to drive the spirit away. He didn´t want to pray with us.
Anyhow, I go up and down and all around, and I wish I could say more, but I hope you share information from what I write.
We need to get back to Bigaucu; we have one lesson with Fatima at 7, maybe. Appointments are hard and I find that things are not going too well. I think at times that it´s like the Israelites who get the 10 commandments in stead of the higher law. I just am having a hard time working effectively or doing Anything effectively.
My feet have been itching so much the last few nights that it has been waking me up. Sister Silva from the office thinks that I´ll just need to make sure that my sheets cover the mattress (probably pretty infested) and make sure that everything is clean.
Elder Luschin
(Comment from Mom Julie:  Fred has always been a hard judge about himself.  He makes me smile because I can just see him saying these things.)

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