Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 15


Hello Everybody across the seas!
I am doing quite well here in Brazil. Fortunately, that has a lot to do with attitude. I have been writing down four things for which I am grateful every single day and have been noticing an improvement in my daily attitude about things. I've noticed that a lot about the mission is just going and doing, and that you pray a lot while doing so. Ultimately, it also helps that when we walk, I either have tried practicing contacts with Elder Fraga or tried memorizing hymns or scriptures.
For some reason, my singing has been suffering and I can tell that Portuguese has taking a hit on my vowels as well as breathing spaces, though my breathing time might be improving.
Scriptures are going well but due to lack of pens I have not marked my scriptures since leaving the MTC. I probably have to spend the money. One thing is that other than probably R$50 that I spent from my own money at the beginning of the mission, I have stayed solely within the mission money that I have been receiving. That is also to say that I haven't really seen anything that I really would be interested in buying other than some different kinds of food, seeing that miscellaneous goods are pretty much the same here as anywhere else. I'm probably going to buy a Brazil soccer jersey as I finally have a reason to do so. Other than that I may be the cheapest American missionary we currently have in this mission.
Right now we have been continuing getting up at 6:30 and going to bed at 11:30. I think I am doing better with the schedule than my companion is. My exercise program is becoming more intense, but I still struggle to get in as many pushups and planks as I would like on a given day.

This last week was really good, but mostly because of the attitude issue more than anything else. On Sunday, not a single one of our investigators came to Church which is rather sad and pathetic.

One thing I've realized is that I am probably a better cook than any of the sisters in the ward, but that is also because the Brazilian palate is that much different. i.e our meal on Saturday was mashed potatoes, rice, spaghetti bologna and rib meat, as well as really salty lettuce which would be termed a "salad." Vegetables are a rarity and overcooked. Oh well...

On Thursday, we had one lesson with a really fascinating woman named Fatima who has lived in England and the Netherlands and thus knows the respective languages. She is really spiritual and somewhat disenfranchised with all religions, which is why she was intrigued by our promise of James 1:5, because she knows the scriptures really well and is interested in reading the Book of Mormon. She asked about plural marriage and the Indian issue in the Church, which was different because nobody ever asks us interesting questions. Some people think we are Seven-Day Adventists or Catholic.

Time's up but the love increases,

Elder Luschin

P.S. you should be able to see Floripa in the pictures, which are from last week's hike.


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