Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 13

2012_10_22 Family Letter

  Dear Family,

 I am doing well and hope that you are always doing fantastically! The weather has been good and generally quite warm. The cold spell that we had at the beginning of my being here seems to have gone away. Also, it hasn't rained in over a week, which is nice as well.
This last week was good because we finally had lessons with members present, which was a pleasant change.

Nevertheless, we had 15 new investigators this last week, which means that 15 people listened to our lessons and were willing to commit to one further lesson. Unfortunately, none of our investigators made it to our ward conference on Sunday, which would have been quite a treat and would have sky-rocketed the numbers of Biguacu.
We tarry on.
One of my concerns is that we don't do our work particularly effectively. We get a contact in one street and generally manage to follow up in teaching a lesson, but a somewhat eclectic method of choosen houses resolves in investigators being spread out all over the city of Biguacu. What I didn't realize is that our area extends way beyond what I had thought, but that the farthest parts can only be reached through bus, making it much more of an investment to get out there.
My blisters are starting to do better finally, which is good as I hope that we might be able to start running some days, which would be good because the only time that we've had to run has been when we've been bad at keeping time (ie during a lesson) and need to get back to the apartment at night.
One big change is that we just "fell forward" with the time change, as everything here is the opposite of the North. However, our mission is changing its schedule so that instead of getting up at 6:30 and sleeping at 22:30, everything in the schedule goes forward to 7:30 and 23:30, as well as everything in between. That will be interesting. But perhaps a good change as it might mean that the members can help us more during the evening so that we can fellowship our investigators.
We had a second lesson with one of the investigators, a fellow named Anderson. (I've noticed that a lot of people have American names or American-sounding names such as Annelly)
He's a really nice fellow who wants to know a certain path to follow. When we met, he had already read a good portion of the BoM.
Anyhow, I'm liking the work more and trying hard to be grateful. I generally remind myself that the people are a lot friendlier than Phil's were. After all, the mission is kind of funny.
Between all my inconsistency, I'm trying hard to like everything I do and love life by keeping more scripture cards ready and at hand. The language is coming but I need to learn more vocabulary and study more consistently.

 I love you all and will try to write some letters to you today.


Elder Luschin


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