Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 10

Dear Family,
I am excited to finally be out here in the field, even though I have not too much idea of what to do except to bring people unto Christ. It's rather shocking that we're goingto be having General Conference this weekend. Last conference, which was a special one to me, seems like it only occurred yesterday. I am, however, particularly excited at the fact and am looking forward to being able to participate in listening to the words of our beloved Prophet. Right now I am copying and backing up my pictures for the first time, as it also is the first time that I'm able to do so.  Miscellaneous information:
P-day, as you may have noted, is on Monday and will always be such. It lasts from the morning until 6:00 PM.
Letters: Unless a specific occasion occurs, I will get letters whenever we go to the mission office to have zone conferences or interviews with the President. This is about every 6 weeks. This is because we can only be sent letters to the Mission Office, the address of which you already have as was apparent when I arrived in Fl. and found a letter from Arnold and Astrid. Thanks! It can happen that with APs traveling or DLs that the letters might be able to get out to me earlier than that, and this, apparently, typically happens. Nonetheless, a letter sent to me will probably take a minimum of 3 1/2 weeks to have an answer, and up to a maximum or even more of 9 1/2 weeks. That is to say that mail will not be the fastest means of communicating with me.
 I feel that I'm pretty good at staying focused and thus I am trying to memorize a good number of scriptures and hymns to keep me focused and happy. I just memorized number 14 in the hymnbook, which deals with Revelation 14:6-7. Pretty amazing scripture.
I'm now in the area of Biguaçu, which is an area about 30 minutes by car to the NW of Fl. The area is right along the coast. Most of the area by the coast is pretty flat, and pretty much all of the area can be reached by foot in an hour and a half from our centralized location 10 minutes from the down-town. The city is mostly urban with a few residential blocks that are gated off.
This means the work that my companion, Elder Fraga and I generally walk around all day trying to find people in houses to teach. Most of the people are not on the streets. In going around the last few days we have only been invited in to teach a lesson or return 6 times, with only one lesson being taught right from the onset. This was to a young man last night right before retiring to the apartment at 19:00 for our weekly planning. He said that he had been looking for a path to choose in his life. We taught him the first lesson, which was pretty exciting. I hope that something may occur.
The ward is really nice but has about 35-40 active members. Our goal as a companionship is to work with the members to get referrals and the fortalecer, or strengthen the ward.
The language is coming along and I find that depending on context, I can understand around 85% of what people say. Elder Fraga, from Bahia is a great companion, but doesn't really speak any English.
Off to go shopping, my love stays with you.
Elder Luschin

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