Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 9

Hi Dear Family and Associates,
I just got five minutes to send out a quick hello that I arrived in Florianopolis. We are at the mission home right now and the city looks beautiful. I am really excited to be here, but I need to find out what is going to be happening. All is well and I am happy that the real work can begin.  The flight was only an hour long, and I am pretty tired because I got up at 3:00 to be ready for 4:00.
Elder Luschin

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 7


Dear Family,

I hope all of you are doing well, as I certainly am here at the CTM. Hard to believe, but I have less than two weeks remaining. I'm excited to go, though anxious about speaking Portuguese, though in reality it wouldn't improve much by just staying here. That is one thing that I have a question about: I feel like my comprehension of other speakers of a foreign language has always been less than my ability to speak; i.e. in Russian, I could say what I wanted with a pretty good accent, but I didn't necessarily understand what native speakers had to say. Same thing with Portuguese, but I'm sure it'll get better as I speak more and more with others who can.

We're leaving on the 25th of September, just a few days after my birthday.

Thank you for your lovely emails, Dad, as I very much appreciate them. Most of the scriptures that you share have been ones that I've already memorized. While here, I've memorized about 40 somewhat scriptures or passages. I have to say though that I need to find more balance with the usage of my time, because my scripture reading proper as well as my PMG (Preach my Gospel) study has not been doing particularly well. Much to my general consternation, I have not been reading either the B of M or PMG in Portuguese, which I know is hurting me.

Nevertheless, this last week we had President Massagardi from the Area Presidency come and speak with us this last Tuesday devotional. He was the man who was in Rome this summer. He talked about how we should baptize even the rich.

On this sad day, (Sept. 11 because of 9/11) after having been to the Temple, I remember that there is so much more purpose to our lives than we would sometimes have it. Hence, I want to conduct myself with all regal manner that I can, according to a servant of God.


Elder Luschin

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 6

2012_09_04_Elder Luschin

Hi Everybody,

September is here. In other words, the third month of my mission. What a surprise. Birthday wishes go out to the September people, especially Morgan Steinagel.

Christoph's novel is certainly going to take me my whole mission to get through, so thank you especially for that. I don't think I need anything for my birthday, especially since I'll be able to buy things a few days later in the field, so that's fine. We're leaving Tuesday, the 25th, exactly three weeks from now. Which raises questions about preparedness, as I really don't think I'm prepared. Nonetheless, I don't think I could learn any more here by staying longer, so that's fine indeed.  I think our District could have been working harder to speak the language that much better.

I'm just biding my time and learning everything I can by myself.  Portuguese is going well. In reality, it is a simple language with rather simple grammar that is very similiar to French or Spanish, and so I haven't had a hard time figuring that out.

Estou animado para ficar no CTM, embora eu preciso aprender mais rapido.

This last week I've learned yet more again about teaching with the Spirit and being enthusiastic with investigators. For Brazilians, it's really important that you focus on how you say something rather than what you say. Animation and elan are the key-words, I guess.

A thought from my journal, after going to the temple today:

"In short, I wish to be a Man, with a capital letter. Not to be pretentious, but to give reverence to the Father of our spirits (Hebrews 12:9) desiring to grow in grace and wisdom for all eternity. Sobriety of the senses, for the edification of the soul."

How grateful I am that the mission gives me the opportunity every day to do something uncomfortable and grow from it. I'm happy to be leaving the CTM soon.

Thank you everybody for your lovely letters and messages. I hope to be able to respond to them in time, or there may be a letter coming in response.

Love, Elder Luschin