Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 4 "How to learn Portuguese?"

2012_08_21 Week 4
Hi Everybody,
It has almost been a month here at the CTM. I'm still happy to be here, even though we still hardly receive any language instruction. Several of the elders from my district think that I have a German accent when I speak Portuguese, but that is the least of my concerns. .
On a fun note: the person in charge of maintaining our floor is called Adolfo Jeeves.
Does anyone have any especially good tips for language? At the moment I've been trying to write flash cards in the morning, and then use them all day, using phrases from the book to complement them. I know a lot of the conjugations by now, but am not particularly fluent at speaking them.
Teaching lessons is becoming more fluid, but I'm not certain I can listen very well. That has always been my problem: my accents are always good, but I have a hard time understanding people. Practice, I guess, is the word.
Today and last week, we were able to go to a different temple, namely the Campinas temple. When going to the temple, we leave at about 6:30 and get back at around 12:30, though it's an hour later for Campinas.
I am able to stay healthy; we play a lot of volleyball here and I try to ignore the fact that I rarely see sunshine. My companion and I have started studying outside, though, as we might be able to concentrate better.
There is not really any formal language instruction, and the people who transfer here from Provo feel like it's better over there. Our instructors are nice but.... (Blog editor Julie edits to...:very Brazilian)
I'm excited to watch Pres Monson's video tonight.
Elder Luschin

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