Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cousin James in CA seeing miracles!

Hello, everyone!
Well, first of all, I owe you for last week. A story I was going to tell but didn't have time to type up: We visited our investigator who is an alcoholic and she had a friend from Nashville visiting. She had told us that this friend was coming to give her some help, but the friend did more than we expected. Already this friend had had her completely sober for 3 or four days so far (and that has continued, now she's almost at two weeks without alcohol!) and had been fixing her very healthy meals. The swelling in her legs and feet had gone dramatically down. Physically and emotionally she was in a much better state than she had been just a few days before. But that's only half the miracle. This friend was also very spiritual and knew the bible well. She asked us some questions and was surprised at our knowledge. She asked us "well, what do you believe about this, I bet we differ" and more often than not found that we shared beliefs. And when we asked her about the scripture that says "and other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also I must bring" she told us (without our telling her anything about the Book of Mormon) "Well, not very many people know this, but Christ did visit the Americas! There's plenty of archaeological evidence." We were completely shocked. And excited. The friend is back in Nashville now but before she left we visited once more and she told us that she has a friend who she is pretty sure is LDS and she wants to go to church with her. I hope that the seed we planted will be able to be harvested sometime soon!
This week has also gone pretty great. The alcoholic investigator now wants to quit smoking too and we're going to go over tomorrow and help her start the LDS stop smoking program. This week we were also able to start teaching a military guy we met at the park last prep day and he seems very open-minded. And while we did have several appointments cancel, we've set this next week up to be quite eventful. Oh, and today we got transfer calls and I will be staying with Elder Johnson in Pacific Beach. He's going home at the end of this transfer, so I'll either be taking over the area (and possible becoming district leader) or this area will be whitewashed (missionary slang for putting two elders in the area at the same time).
♫ Onward, ever onward! ♫
-Elder James Evans

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