Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cousin Elder James Evans serving in San Diego,CA

I know this is Fred's Mission Blog but right now he has a cousin, James Evans from Tucson Arizona serving in San Diego and it is nice to share a special Missionary Moment that James has had this week.
Hello, everyone! This past week was awesome! My favorite part was going to see the baptism of the Vega's daughter. Last time I had seen her, she had thrown up an "I'm catholic" wall, so I was curious as to what had changed. Apparently a lady from the ward took this girl (she's high-school age) to the temple grounds and she had felt the spirit vey strongly. That, along with talking to this lady sparked her interest. The next day, on a whim, this girl picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading. To her surprise, she really loved it! Also, as she read, she felt a profound peace enter her life. She then read the Book of Mormon every day for a week and her parents said she seemed completely different, totally relaxed and happy. Then, when she did stop reading for a few days she felt all the stress of life cascade back in. All these things plus other incredible blessings she felt led her to a testimony and that led her to baptism! I was so happy to see the Vega family and everyone else from that ward. Brother and Sister Vega were talking of how excited they were to get sealed next year, too. A mission is tough, but there are certainly moments that make it worth it.
There were so many other amazing things this week that happened, but unfortunately I'm running out of time to email. Well, I'll have to make a note and include them next week!
♫Onward, ever onward!♫
-Elder James Evans

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